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Hunter RoadForce Elite Wheel Balancer

Get that “New Car Ride” Wheel Balance in Syracuse, NY | John's Auto Care, Inc.

Our technicians at John’s Auto Care Inc. are trained to use the best of the best equipment to provide our customers with quality repairs. That’s why we use the Hunter RoadForce Elite Wheel Balancer. Have a vibration or wheel pull that has been driving you crazy? Our technicians will use this wheel balancer to give you the ultimate automotive repair experience.

Fast and Effective Wheel Balancing Technology

The Hunter RoadForce Elite Wheel Balancer is the latest and greatest in wheel balancing technology. This balancer allows our technicians to make more accurate repairs in less time.

Schedule your next wheel balance with us today. We serve Syracuse, NY, Solvay, NY, Camillus, NY, and surrounding areas.